Get the most innovative therapies to market


New therapies that are developed and approved especially in the European oncology space get stuck, unable to be priced due to the complexity of the negotiations and regulations that limit communication between parties. A solution is needed that allows the parties to work through these difficult negotiations. Key members of the team include the former head of EFPIA (the European Pharmaceutical Industry Association) and the former Executive Director at NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in the UK)


Software exchange platform that allows large healthcare payers and biopharma companies to negotiate, price, settle, and manage complex negotiations, such as combo deals, indications-based agreements, and outcomes or value-based agreements. The key innovation being the Contingent Commitment Exchange which allows negotiators to express what they would be willing to do if certain other criteria is met, or a contingent commitment. The platform provides administration capabilities for agreements met on the platform, as well as those agreed in other ways